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Pet Seasonal Depression and Changes

We have all recently experienced the post effects of daylight savings. It is now getting darker earlier, and as a result it is now dark by 5 pm. This can be a challenging time as we adjust to the time and weather changes. Many people ultimately suffer from seasonal depression. If you suffer from seasonal depression, you aren’t alone. 

As humans go through these time and seasonal changes, so do our pets. I recently noticed that with my pup, Jax. His mood was starting to shift and he has not been his normal, playful self. I believe that the colder weather and darker days are a factor in his mood. I have compiled a list of some tips and tricks to keep you and your pup happy and active during this winter season! 

Dog going for a walk in snow at night time
  • Indoor dog parks 
  • Puzzles and lick mats provide brain stimulation
  • Play with their favorite toys 
  • Or surprise them with new toys
  • Practice tricks and work on training 
  • Jax loves tricks! His favorite tricks are “speak” and “whisper"
  • Add another furry companion to your family! 
  • Pets do the best when they have another furry friend to play with. 

If you’re looking for a new treat or chew, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Not only are our Freeze-Dried diets full meals, but it can also be used as a high reward training treat! Make sure to stock up on any of your pets favorite treats and chews this holiday season to keep them feeling happy and healthy.

Isabelle Manley

Isabelle Manley

Isabelle started with the BARF World® team in the summer of 2020. She is a Junior at GCU in Phoenix, Arizona. She is our newest Raw Pet Food Specialist. Isabelle assists in product research, marketing ads and ongoing marketing projects. She enjoys music and hanging out with her friends. She has 6 siblings, 2 half siblings, a cat named Poppy, and a dog named Jax, who are Brand Ambassadors for BARF® World.

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