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Old Age

Can Diet Affect Arthritis in Dogs? 

Absolutely. Diet plays a vital role in arthritis prevention and treatment, especially in controlling the dog’s weight. Excess weight causes more stress on the joints and exacerbates existing arthritis pain.

Older, inactive, and overweight dogs can exhibit signs of canine arthritis (osteoarthritis) caused by cartilage degradation within a joint. While minimal breakdown of the cartilage can be uncomfortable, severe arthritis can become debilitating.

Common symptoms include:

  • Stiffness of the joints after exercise
  • Difficulty sitting, standing, or jumping
  • Hesitancy to jump
  • Reduced activity level
  • Trouble getting up in the morning
  • Lameness
  • Lagging on walks
  • Yelping in pain when touched or resisting touch
  • Loss of appetite or unusual weight gain
  • Unusual urination in the house
  • Depression or withdrawn behavior

Arthritis and stiff joints can also be a telltale sign of a nutrient deficiency. A subclinical deficiency means that the body has drained itself of nutrient stores of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, resulting in a loss of optimal health and impairment of body processes leading to various degenerative diseases.

Today’s commercial pet food choices are nutrient-deficient. Heat-processed canned and kibble diets don’t provide our dogs with a 100% balanced diet. Substitute synthetic vitamins and minerals aren't nearly as effective once the vital nutrients are altered or destroyed by extreme heat. The lack of essential nutrients in processed canned or kibble diets has led to a subclinical deficiency in our pets’ health. 

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Following a Raw Diet for Senior Dogs

To keep your pet healthy, avoid processed foods and follow fresh, raw foods like the BARF Diet. Investing in a raw food diet for senior dogs provides the best possible defense against a subclinical nutrient deficiency.

Is it too late to switch my senior dog to a raw diet?

No, it’s never too late to switch your dog to a BARF Diet. Dogs are surprisingly adaptable. Give it a try and see what a difference raw food makes to your dog’s energy levels and overall health. 

Support Your Senior Dog’s Health

By making the right choices for their diet, you improve the quality and longevity of their lives. Together, we can give our pets added years of good health by providing the nutrients their bodies need. Look through our BARF Diet  options, including:

Frozen Raw

Have a question about switching over to a raw diet for senior dogs? Our BARF Diet book can help you understand this methodology and why it’s better for your pet’s health.

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Take Steps Today Toward a Biologically Appropriate Diet

Now that you understand our products’ ingredients, let your pet try them. Shop through the best raw dog food available and give your pet nutrients to support their bodies and minds.

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