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Border collie carrying a yellow ball in its mouth outdoors

Solution for Sensitive Stomachs

Here’s How the BARF Diet Works to Eliminate Your Dog’s Chronic Digestion Problems...

The BARF Diet normalizes and strengthens your dog’s digestive system by providing your pet a good balance of active enzymes which are naturally present in raw food. Enzymes help your pet’s body break down food and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients necessary for good health. By feeding your dog an enzyme-rich raw food diet, you will reduce unnecessary stress on your dog’s organs to produce these vital enzymes and promote optimum digestion.

One of the first changes you will notice when you start feeding the BARF Diet, is a reduction in stomach upset and diarrhea as well as smaller, firmer stool. When those chronic poop problems suddenly disappear or improve dramatically, you will no longer need constant vet visits, antibiotics, and carpet cleanings. Our natural, healthy, raw diet will supply your pet with all the nutrients that other diets are missing. Our BARF dogs get compliments all the time about their beautiful, healthy trim bodies…and your dog will too!

Puppy laying in grass that is taller than it can stand


- Elise Barone-Corbeille from Cummings, GA

"Daisy Mae is a purebred English Shorthair Pointer. In this puppy picture she is only 10 weeks old. Daisy Mae had chronic diarrhea after she ate anything! It was awful! I tried her on different vet recommended diets and with no luck at all. It was always the same result. She even got to the point where she didn’t want to eat because she felt sick all the time. Every time she ate, she was sick. I just knew I had to find a solution.

I slowly weaned her on the BARF Diet. It took about a month. It also took about a month for the chronic diarrhea to subside. Now she loves meal time and she is a very healthy dog."

Chihuahua wearing a pink feather necklace


- Dawn Hibbard from Loma Linda, CA

"Mallie Mae is new to the world of BARF! She is a two-and-a half-year old, short coat Chihuahua. More importantly, she's the love of my life. She was having pain in her tummy from time to time. Recently the pain became so severe she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of dehydration and severe bloating. A day of treatment with her regular vet and she was feeling much better.

Then, to ensure the absolute best care for her well-being, we went to a holistic vet. I had no idea what the doctor would recommend. When she said "BARF" it was definitely a "beg your pardon" moment! Raw meat wasn't my idea of a good solution - I'm vegetarian (practically vegan) but my desire is to do whatever is most beneficial for my little girl.

Already, our mantra, like a BARF T-shirt says is: "Kibble makes me want to BARF." Mallie inhales the food and begs for more - though part of her wellness regimen involves losing a pound and a half! The customer service at BARF World has been proactive, professional and extremely attentive. They've far exceeded my expectations - which are mighty high, because after all this is about my baby girl!"

Profile of Stella, a black dog


- Laura McCullough from Houston, TX

"Our dog Stella had inflammatory bowel disease and vomited a great frequency. Our vet put her on a regimen of daily steroids and antibiotics. She became overweight and lethargy, not at all her usual self.

Three days after switching to a raw food diet, we were amazed at her increased energy levels. We also took her off her medications. On that third day, she jumped and swam in a lake with our other dogs, before she would sit on the grass with us and not swim. She subsequently stopped vomiting and lost the weight she had put on while she was on the medications. The raw diet made all of the difference for her!"

It’s The #1 Recommend Solution For Dogs With Indigestion, Chronic Vomiting and Diarrhea And NO Prescription Is Required!

You can use the BARF Diet with complete confidence, knowing that it’s been recommended by leading holistic and conventional healthcare practitioners specializing in canine nutrition and digestion, who have carefully reviewed it for its effectiveness -- and who use it with their own patients!

It’s made with 100% natural, raw, human-grade ingredients that have been carefully selected for their effectiveness and safety...

...and it’s available without a prescription!

In Just Five Minutes, You Can Begin To Bring Your Dog Back To The Way He Used To Be…

Now, are you ready to put an END to your dog’s chronic diarrhea, uncomfortable bouts of vomiting and painful constipation once and for all... and to wake up in the morning knowing your dog will be completely FREE of the nightmarish stomach troubles that have been plaguing him... possibly for years?

Fresh ingredients and raw meats arranged on a table

Take Steps Today Toward a Biologically Appropriate Diet

Now that you understand our products’ ingredients, let your pet try them. Shop through the best raw dog food available and give your pet nutrients to support their bodies and minds.

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