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Two dogs looking through the space between wire on a farm's fence

Natural Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Here’s How the BARF Diet® Eliminates Chronic Ear Infections, Rashes, Shedding, and Itching

The BARF Diet® mimics your dog’s natural diet, normalizing and strengthening your dog’s digestion and immune systems naturally.  Containing a good balance of essential fatty acids, active enzymes and other immune-normalizing and strengthening nutrients, the BARF Diet® reduces stress on the body, while allowing a natural reduction of inflammatory conditions and a lower risk of infection.

Man hugs his golden retriever while resting on a hike

A Healthier Skin and Coat

One of the first changes you will notice when you begin feeding your dog the BARF Diet® is your pet’s fur.  You will see flaky, itchy skin and dull, dry coats transform into a glossy coat with supple skin.  Persistent skin problems will dramatically improve or disappear altogether, making the need for constant vet visits a thing of the past.  No more antibiotics, cortisone shots, or medicated washes.  You will also notice smaller, less odorous stools, and an overall HAPPIER pet, full of spirit and vigor! 

Are You Ready to Give Your Dog an Allergy-Free Life?

Your dog is counting on you, relying on you and trusting you to help end their chronic ear infections, uncomfortable itchy skin and painful hot spots once and for all.  Don’t wait another minute - give the BARF Diet® a try for 90-days and see for yourself what a difference a raw diet makes for your pet!

Still unsure whether to give the BARF Diet® a try?  Don’t worry!  BARF World® offers an unconditional 60-Day money-back guarantee. If you or your pet are not completely satisfied with the BARF Diet®, you will receive a 100% refund of your purchase..

Fresh ingredients and raw meats arranged on a table

Take Steps Today Toward a Biologically Appropriate Diet

Now that you understand our products’ ingredients, let your pet try them. Shop through the best raw dog food available and give your pet nutrients to support their bodies and minds.

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