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No Begging

I will be the first to admit that there have been times that I have given scraps to my fur baby Jax. Especially when he gives me puppy eyes. It can be tempting especially around the holiday season to share our human food with our pets. However, this can actually be very dangerous. 

Can I give my dog a cooked bone?

One common misconception is surrounding cooked vs raw bones. It can be harmful to give your pet a cooked bone, since they’re unable to digest this in comparison to raw bones. All of our diets contain ground up raw bones that are extremely beneficial to the overall health of the animal. A great thing about raw meaty bones is that they are great for keeping their teeth clean. Jax has clean and healthy teeth thanks to a combination of raw meaty bones and the bones he’s receiving in the diet. 

Black and white puppy smelling a cupcake on the ground

It is best to steer clear of any cooked bones, and provide raw meaty bones that are easily digestible. Since dogs are descendants from wolves, they are meant to consume a heavily meat and bone based diet. A raw meaty bone diet replicates what they once ate in the wild. 

Chocolate for dogs

Another more well known food to NEVER give your pets is chocolate! With the holidays consisting of lots of sweets, it can be easy for pets to accidentally get into these treats. This can be extremely dangerous and is not something pets are meant to consume. We recommend making sure that all human treats are stored away and out of reach of any pets. If you want your pet to feel included in the holiday festivities, opt for a single ingredient treat meant for pets. 

Are table scraps bad for my dog?

When you give your pet table scraps, it may seem harmless at the moment, but it can lead to them becoming picky eaters. Oftentimes customers inform us that their fur baby is refusing to eat. This could be a result of them receiving table scraps and being trained to then expect and beg for human food. It is the same thing with humans. While most of us would prefer to eat whatever we crave, we know that this is ultimately not what's best for our overall health. 

After feeding Jax a raw meat diet and learning from BARF World about cooked and raw bones, I now know the potential dangers of feeding table scraps. Feeding solely a fresh raw based diet will only improve his health and quality of life in the long run. 

We would love to hear back from our customers! If you have any stories or tips to help with begging and table scraps, leave a comment below. Happy holidays, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy this holiday season.

Isabelle Manley

Isabelle Manley

Isabelle started with the BARF World® team in the summer of 2020. She is a Junior at GCU in Phoenix, Arizona. She is our newest Raw Pet Food Specialist. Isabelle assists in product research, marketing ads and ongoing marketing projects. She enjoys music and hanging out with her friends. She has 6 siblings, 2 half siblings, a cat named Poppy, and a dog named Jax, who are Brand Ambassadors for BARF® World.

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