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National Check The Chip Day

Today is national check the chip day! Some of you may be wondering, what is a chip and what does it have to do with my pet? We are going to break down what this means, and how it can be a beneficial tool to help identify your pet.

If you are a worrisome pet parent, like myself I am sure you have experienced the gut wrenching feeling of your pet potentially getting lost, or sneaking out of the house without you knowing. This is where getting your pet chipped may be beneficial! This allows for peace of mind knowing that your pet is easily identifiable in the worst case scenario. 

Little dog in a doctor coat wearing a stethoscope

What is a chip?

While this is often referred to as a chip, it is essentially a microchip that goes into your pet's skin. This chip then contains information that allows for vets and shelters to identify who the pet belongs to and provide them with some additional information. It does not cause any harm to your pet. The microchip allows easier identification and ownership, in addition to other methods such as collars. Sometimes collars can get lost or fall off, which is why having this extra precaution in place can be beneficial. 

Once the microchip is applied, it can be registered to the pet’s parents with all contact information in the event that your pet goes missing or runs away from home.

Once on a raw diet, your fur baby's health will drastically improve, resulting in less vet visits. In some circumstances, such as routine check-ups, you may still need to take your pet in. An example of this is to get their chip checked. 

If you are curious to learn more about this process and what it entails, please give your local vet a call to see if this is the right option for you and your pet. 

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