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More Flavors, More to love

We are very excited to announce that we have two new additions to our Freeze-Dried collection. Due to popular demand our Turkey and Land & Sea is now available in Freeze-Dried Nuggets. These highly palatable proteins are great for pups that are new to raw, picky eaters, or for pet’s that have food sensitivities. There are many benefits to making the switch over! 

Beat the heat

With the summer heat and rising temperatures, now is the time to make the switch over to Freeze-Dried. Not only will you be less stressed about your order arriving thawed but it is also convenient for your summer travel. It can be used as a high-quality training treat in addition to a meal! Now with all proteins available in freeze-dried and frozen, this will allow for a seamless transition between the two. Our freeze-dried line is shelf stable for up to 18 months from manufacturing. This makes it the perfect travel option, or if you are limited on freezer space. 

Now you may be asking yourself, “do I need to do any sort of transition between frozen raw and freeze-dried?” The answer is no! Our Freeze-Dried Raw and BARF Frozen Diets are the exact same formula and provide the same nutritional benefits. Simply reconstitute the freeze-dried with equal parts warm water. 

Isabelle Manley

Isabelle Manley

Isabelle started with the BARF World® team in the summer of 2020. She is a Junior at GCU in Phoenix, Arizona. She is our newest Raw Pet Food Specialist. Isabelle assists in product research, marketing ads and ongoing marketing projects. She enjoys music and hanging out with her friends. She has 6 siblings, 2 half siblings, a cat named Poppy, and a dog named Jax, who are Brand Ambassadors for BARF® World.

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