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DERMagic Skin Bundle

With the warmer weather approaching, flea and tick season is on the rise. It is natural for our pets to want to venture outdoors, especially after a long winter of being cooped up indoors. While there are many things to be on the lookout for, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered this summer season with some new products to keep your pets feeling happy and healthy. 

One of the first products that is a summer must have is the DERMagic Diatomaceous Earth Dust. This dust helps keep your pets' space feeling fresh and clean. It can be sprinkled on common household items such as: 

    DERMagic Skin Bundle
    • Bedding
    • Carpets
    • Furniture 
    • Directly onto your pet 

    Now, you may also be wondering, what is Diatomaceous Earth Dust and “why should I use it for my pet?” Well, there are actually many benefits to incorporating the use of Diatomaceous Earth into your routine, especially during the warmer months. When it comes to pesky parasites, it can be difficult to find a solution to get rid of them. This dust is a holistic approach to parasite prevention. DE will slowly begin to dehydrate any external parasites and prevent them from spreading inside. 

    Lemongrass Spearmint DERMagic Skin Rescue Shampoo Bar is a great addition to DE for optimal skin & coat health! Simply rub the bar of soap directly onto your pet, until it lathers, rinse, and use as needed. It is natural for pets to get dirty while playing outside, but overusing shampoo can cause more harm than good. Using this in moderation is key. With this bar being antibacterial and anti-dandruff, this is great for dogs with sensitive skin.

    From personal experience with owning an outdoor cat, who loves to roll around in the mulch and climb trees, Diatomaceous Earth Dust puts my mind at ease. It helps knowing that it will prevent any fleas or mites she may have gotten while playing outside. This is also is a more natural alternative, in comparison to flea medication that contains harsh chemicals. 

    Make the switch today to a more natural repellent! Give us a call at 866-282-2273 or send us an email to to place your order. Together, you can get this bundle for only $32.97. Get this bundle while supplies last! Your pet will thank you for making the switch.

    Isabelle Manley

    Isabelle Manley

    Isabelle started with the BARF World® team in the summer of 2020. She is a Junior at GCU in Phoenix, Arizona. She is our newest Raw Pet Food Specialist. Isabelle assists in product research, marketing ads and ongoing marketing projects. She enjoys music and hanging out with her friends. She has 6 siblings, 2 half siblings, a cat named Poppy, and a dog named Jax, who are Brand Ambassadors for BARF® World.

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