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BARF Loyalty Above And Beyond

Yesterday I realized to what extent some people will go to in trying to convert their dog to a new diet. We schedule 15 minute interviews with customers that are having problems with conversion to a raw diet or they are having major issues with certain health conditions.

I had a call last night with a customer that really wants to engage her two dogs into an improved feeding program and is convinced that the BARF philosophy best suits the need for her dogs. She has a “Yorkie-poo” that has decided to go on a hunger strike rather than to eat the raw diet.” Chewie decided that after vomiting up her previous meal, she didn’t want to experience that again and has resisted all attempts to eat it again. She also has resisted other foods so it makes the feeding time a little more difficult. So she decided to go on a hunger strike instead of eating.

Beagle running in grass with a stick in its mouth

I was called to offer some hints on what it would take to get her to eat the food. She had called the office and talked with our food specialist who suggested several tips such as using powdered garlic and heating the food slightly to offer a difference in temperature and texture. Then she bought yogurt to add some probiotics to the intestinal track. That didn’t work either so I was called in to offer a few other tricks. I mentioned to the customer that she was getting advice from the bottom of my bag of tricks.

Usually, the garlic and the slight heating of the patty does the trick and they gobble it right up but this time it didn’t work. What to do now? Quit trying and go back to dry kibble? NO WAY, was her response. The kibble was what had caused the health issues she was dealing with and returning to that feed was not going to happen. She tried canned food to see if Chewie would eat a wet variety. That was not working either.

So in desperation, she agreed to try one more suggestion. I suggested that she purchase a jar of chicken baby food from the grocery store and add a raw egg to the blend. Add a very small portion of the raw chicken patty to the initial feeding. If this was accepted then add a little more raw meat each day until she finally is eating the raw diet. Hopefully the last suggestion in my bag of feeding tricks works and she will be able to enjoy the benefits of the raw food advantage.

Her other dog has accepted the raw food patties and does the pet patty dance before each meal is served. It is rewarding to have customers that are so convinced about the future success on our diets that they are willing to expend that much effort to make them eat what is best for them.

Thanks to Gail for being so diligent and thanks to all our other customers that follow our path for better nutrition. | 866-282-2273

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