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Dog with its tongue hanging out while its neck is being scratched

Dog Food as Nature Intended

Back to Nature: Uncovering the Best Diet for Dogs

Wild dogs do not eat regular meals or have an all-meat diet. Conversely, no single meal is complete and balanced. Raw bones with meat are a major part of their diet. During winter, they dig up and eat frozen food. They eat offal, raw eggs—even decaying food.

They may eat once or six times a day, depending on the season and what food is available. They eat when food is available and as the urge takes them. They eat various raw food: insects, bark, soil, and birds.

They eat vegetables, including herbs, from the gut of their prey. This vegetable material is raw, totally crushed, and partly digested. They eat feces. A wolf's diet contains almost no grains, certainly never cooked grain. In eating the intestinal contents of their prey, they will eat some immature, green grain. This is a stark contrast to the diet of a modern dog, subjected to a lifetime of dried dog food.

"Although we humans have changed the appearance and the nature of the dog in all sorts of ways by domestication, we have not changed its basic internal workings. Today's domestic dog has essentially the same digestive system and overall physiology as its ancestor: the wolf."

Dog standing on a downed tree in front of a scenic lake

Dogs’ Health in the Pre-Pet Food Era

Most domestic dogs in the 'pre-pet food era' diet primarily contained raw meaty bones and other food scraps. Most importantly, that food was raw with some cooked vegetables.

Pet owners didn’t overfeed their dogs, and nobody was racing to produce the biggest, roundest, fattest, most calcified, biggest-boned, or largest dog ever.

Two dogs playing and rolling in snow

Raw vs. Cooked: Choosing the BARF Diet for Dogs

You can return to the diet your dogs were biologically engineered to eat. Want to learn more about feeding your dog an evolutionary diet? Read Raw vs. Cookedby Dr. Ian Billinghurst to help you better understand this approach and integrate it into your pet’s lifestyle.

Fresh ingredients and raw meats arranged on a table

Take Steps Today Toward a Biologically Appropriate Diet

Now that you understand our products’ ingredients, let your pet try them. Shop through the best raw dog food available and give your pet nutrients to support their bodies and minds.

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