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The BARF Diet Works…But Don't Take Our Word For It!
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Not only is our product great, but so is our service:

About AutoBarf:"It gives me peace of mind... one less think I have to remember." -Carol Zimmerman
Henderson, NV

About AutoBarf: "Always on time, we can count on the exact delivery date!"
-Bette Burrows
Sacramento, CA

About BARF World's Customer Service: "Your "customer service team" is superb!"
-Carol Zimmerman
Henderson, NV

About BARF World's Customer Service: "Wonderful to work with Evan & Christopher, they are so helpful."
-Bette Burrows
Sacramento, CA
"My dogs have been on the BARF diet since they were "adolescents".  They are full of energy and their coats are thick, shiny and soft.  I get compliments all the time on how good they look.  They are healthy, happy and have no joint issues.  "

-Vanessa Murray,
Bordentown, NJ

"The BARF Diet save the lives of my dearest doggies: Rocky (11 years old), diagnosed with severe arthritis, and my precious "hot dog" Sammy (11 years old) with the worst bad breath to the point that if Snow White was alive with the 7 dwarfs, she'd most likely drop dead again. His skin was flaky and superdry, baldness around his long and beautiful black ears. "What was happening?" I kept asking my vet. Well they'd reply as usual, "Lets give the Prednisone tablets." The medication did not help - instead he was getting like a BLIMP. I had to buy a pet carriage because his body was constantly touching the floor. When Sammy pulled the leash he meant, "That is as much as I am going to walk". Talking to my dearest girlfriend at the health center (a wonderful soul who owns a few dogs), she mentioned the BARF Diet. I could not wait to get home and use the Internet to find the BARF Diet. I was extremely astonished! I mentioned it to my husband and did not hesitate to order the LAMB raw. My Rocky and Sammy cry every day when I mention that is time to eat. Within seconds, they devour the food…of course hoping to get more. My dearest Sammy no longer has the bad breath or allergies and Rocky is doing quite well - no more use of medication. My only regret in my dogs' age is this: why did I wait so long to find the Best Food for my dogs - namely the BARF Diet? I am a great public relation to all my friends who owned dog or cat. I feel I save the life of my beloved pets as well as myself. The Sanchez Family Thank you Very Much for Making the Best Food for Rocky and Sammy!"

-Elias and Martha Sanchez,
Morton Grove, IL

Kathy Slo
"Since on the BARF diet, Max (our 5 yr old golden) has more energy, he's more alert and I feel his sense of smell has heightened. I was skeptical at first but was amazed at all the positive changes in our boy! He can't wait to eat every day. We give him 1 patty in the am and 1 in the pm. We were also trying to slim him down - he was 101lbs - its been 3 weeks and he has lost 3 lbs…I would like him to be around 90 lbs….thank you for changing his life for the better!"

-Kathy Slodowski
Clark, NJ

"He has lost all of his extra "pudge." All his itching is gone and he goes nuts when I take it out of the refrigerator. I'm feeding all BARF, morning and evening. He switched pretty seamlessly to the raw food. The vet is very pleased with how he looks. Here's a picture of my buddy (Rocket); he's a norfolk terrier, 3-1/2 years old and loving life!"

- Chris Semik
Cleveland, OH

"I just wanted to let you know how well my two 'boys' are doing on their BARF diet. I could not be more pleased! I was recently looking at pictures of them from last spring and surprised to see how different they look after being on this diet for 8 months. My Yorkie mix had a very thin coat, fleas(that would not go away) and tear stains. Today he is flea free, and has a thick shiny coat and not a tear stain to be found. My Min Pin came to us from a rescue organization last March and was thin from being ill prior to his rescue. He is now glossy and muscular."

- Cherie Gudauskas
San Clemente, CA

"I have been feeding my soft coated Wheaten Terriers BARF patties for over a year now and I am thrilled with the results. My first wheaten, a female, would eat anything at all and never had any digestive issues – but was always carrying a few extra pounds that we couldn’t lose. My male wheaten would eat only a few things and that did not seem to include kibble. I tried so many different brands of kibble for him and he did not gain weight. I tried adding cheese, then home cooked supplements, then handmade meatballs and still he did not gain weight. He was so thin that it was holding us back in the show ring.

I was advised to try feeding a raw diet for both dogs but I resisted out of fear of germs and inconvenience. Then I heard a presentation on BARF frozen patties. I decided that since I had tried everything else, I would try this and see. To my amazement, both dogs loved the patties! They had energy and stayed healthy and vibrant. My female lost weight and my show male gained weight!! I find it easy to control their weight with the patties and I always know they will eat their meals.

I am very impressed with the food. When people see my show male they often ask what I feed him and I proudly report BARF frozen patties. Try them for your dogs, they will love them!"

- Sandy Ross
Boxford, MA

"I am so glad I finally decided to make the switch to the BARF Diet for my pets. My eleven year old Dalmatian, Dodger, has lost weight. He had some arthritis in his hind quarters, but now acts like a puppy – running and jumping around. He keeps up much better with our Black Lab, Bruce. I wish I had done this sooner and will never go back to that other way of feeding. They both love it! BARF FOR LIFE!"

- Donna Russell
Charlton, MA

"Pepper was a stray dog that we adopted. When she arrived at about 9 months of age, her coat was dry and coarse. After about 2 weeks on the raw diet we really saw her coat start to change. Now, at 13 months, her coat is so soft and shiny.. what a difference!"

"Toby was weaned on a raw diet and I've continued it. At 18 months, he shows absolutely no signs of allergies common with other golden retrievers."

"I'll never go back to Kibble!!"

-Andrea F. from Boise,ID

"I have two 18-month-old Boston Terriers that are thriving on the BARF Diet. I am quite knowledgeable about body building and knew that if I put my dogs on a high protein raw diet that their muscle mass would increase.

I found the BARF Diet on the internet and thought that the price was quite reasonable compared to similar products out there on the market. The patties are so easy and convenient to feed – just thaw and serve!.

The first thing that I noticed after feeding my dogs the BARF Diet patties was that my dogs started to bulk up and their coats also began to shine like never before. One of my terriers, Risa, just delivered her first litter of puppies. According to the breeder books, Boston Terriers normally have 3 to 5 puppies per litter and must have a cesarean section done to deliver. Risa had eight puppies naturally and all the puppies are plump and full of life. She is extremely healthy and full of milk.

I have had many people remark on the excellent condition both my dogs are in. I am so ecstatic about the results the BARF Diet has had on both of my dogs and I have convinced my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to feed the BARF Diet to their pets as well."

"I'll never go back to Kibble!!!"

- Lynn Ann Bogard
Tinton Falls, NY

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