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The BARF Diet Works…But Don't Take Our Word For It!
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Not only is our product great, but so is our service:

About AutoBarf:"It gives me peace of mind... one less think I have to remember." -Carol Zimmerman
Henderson, NV

About AutoBarf: "Always on time, we can count on the exact delivery date!"
-Bette Burrows
Sacramento, CA

About BARF World's Customer Service: "Your "customer service team" is superb!"
-Carol Zimmerman
Henderson, NV

About BARF World's Customer Service: "Wonderful to work with Evan & Christopher, they are so helpful."
-Bette Burrows
Sacramento, CA
"Jay Jay really enjoys this food and he has been on this (BARF) diet ever since. He is now almost five years old, very healthy and social with all. No weight or teeth problems and it is obvious he enjoys life very much!"

-Yoko & Knut Myhre
Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA

"I have 3 GSD’s (German Shepherd dogs). They have been on BARF most of their lives. The 9 year old has NO plaque on his teeth. He recently got a UDX (Utility Dog Excellent) in obedience. He also survived three surgeries to remove a toy from his intestines. The vet could not believe how quickly he recovered. I am sad to see some of my friends dogs on kibble – bad gums, ear infections, bowel problems – so sad."

-Anne Hodde
Santa Fe, NM

"I had never heard of feeding raw food. When I purchased Pago, the breeder had me sign a contract that I would feed a raw (BARF) diet before she would sell him to me. Sasha came from the same breeder.

I would never go back to feeding anything but BARF. These two are so healthy and trim. We have traveled extensively with them and whenever they go to a vet, we are told what wonderful condition they were in and are asked what we fed them. (Only one vet approved.) Almost every veterinarian tried to scare us into using all the other things that I used on my first girl, Sambuca, to no avail. I tried AD, CD, DD, etc. with her with poor results. I only wish I had known about BARF for her.

I put each patty into a baggie and then place it in warm water until its room temperature (about 15 minutes). They never turn away from it. Their coats are beautiful and they are energetic, healthy dogs. And, may I add, that the cleanup outside is so nominal – yea! I am also using the E-BARF Plus and the E-Omega Coat. BARF is a wonderful product and we just hope it will always be available to us.

I would also like to thank you for your quality service. In the past, if the food had arrived defrosted, you always stood behind your product and replaced it. This took any worry I would have had about feeding the product."

-Debby Allen
Port Townsend, WA

"I am writing to tell you how grateful that I am to have read The BARF Diet (by Dr. Ian Billinghurst) years ago. Being an animal lover and health nut, it just went along with what I believe. Animals are no different than we are with needing natural, back-to-nature nutrition. Processed dog food is just like our junk fast food. The nutrition has been cooked out of it. Animals should not be getting our diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. I have a black lab whose name is Sadie. She is 6 years old and still looks and acts like a puppy. She goes to work with me everyday at our business, ‘Healthy Water Connection’. People stop by to see Sadie and bring friends back to see her. They cannot believe her shiny coat and pearly white teeth."

-Kathy Deason
Henderson, NV

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