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Not only is our product great, but so is our service:

About AutoBarf:"It gives me peace of mind... one less think I have to remember." -Carol Zimmerman
Henderson, NV

About AutoBarf: "Always on time, we can count on the exact delivery date!"
-Bette Burrows
Sacramento, CA

About BARF World's Customer Service: "Your "customer service team" is superb!"
-Carol Zimmerman
Henderson, NV

About BARF World's Customer Service: "Wonderful to work with Evan & Christopher, they are so helpful."
-Bette Burrows
Sacramento, CA
"The BARF diet has cured my dog Dexter of severe diarrhea. When Dexter's on the raw diet his stools come out good but when he's on kibble it comes out loose. Both dogs have so much more energy and never looked better. BARF World has educated me very well on this diet and I'm much happier being able to give my dogs a healthier lifestyle."

-Orrie Markfeld
North Woodmere, NY

Montana is my service dog in training. He is my first service dog and I wanted to make sure he had the best I could provide from as young an age as possible. He was born on January 27, 2009 and is an American Labradoodle, a cross between a Poodle and Labrador. He is a sweet, loyal intelligent hard working dog. I look forward to working with him for the next 15 years.

Despite being bred to be a working dog by a good breeder and trained by an experienced animal behaviorists Montana had been fed a dry kibble diet since he was weaned. I was not impressed. When I inquired about his diet, the ‘experts’ said raw food was okay but not cost effective and not necessary! I was not impressed by the answers in favor of kibble and after only two weeks of a raw I now passionately support a raw BARF diet.

I met Montana for the first time in June 2009; he stayed with me for 2 weeks. After a three day cross-country trip, he arrived stressed, with eye boogers and constipated. Montana was gorgeous in my eyes but his coat did not feel silky. Labradoodles are known for their gorgeous fleece coats. Montana has a fleece coat but it was not as soft as I had expected it to be. I fasted Montana for one and a half days and then started him on the Barf diet. He was excited and loved every meal. His constipation cleared up and his bowel movement texture improved over the two weeks. Montana eye goop cleared up and his coat had better shine after only two weeks of raw BARF. I was very sad to say goodbye to Montana.

The best thing I could do for Montana was to send him off to school with the best diet possible. That is one good thing about dogs we can control what they eat! Not so easy to get a college kid to eat their vegetables! Montana left to get more training and I sent two coolers of Barf with him.

It took a great deal of coordination to arrange for Montana to be fed BARF but I believe wholeheartedly that I was/am doing the best thing for Montana. The lead animal behaviorist was supportive of my decision and recognized BARF as a high quality raw diet supplier. I bought a freezer online from Sears and had it delivered to the training school. I placed a large BARF order and had it shipped directly to the school. Montana gets fed in a different room than all the other dogs because his meal is so enticing that the other dogs would try to steal from him! He is the envy of his class.

Below is a picture of Montana on his first day with me in June 2009 followed by a picture of him in August 2005 at school after 2.5 months on BARF.

-Eileen Propp
Martinez, CA

Lucky was a a digestive nightmare when I adopted him. He would only eat 1 meal a day and I tried several different foods and even cooked for him. Once I started BARF he had more energy, no lethargic behavior and is excited to eat. Thank you Barf World.

-Jill Nordin
Lake Elsinore, CA

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you at BARF World for the great product and customer service you provide. Buddy, our ten year old beagle-mix, just loves the meat patties. I'd have to say that I think he inhales them more than actually eating them! I appreciate how easy you guys make it for us to provide him with such well-rounded nutrition. With "auto ship" and free shipping for a year, you offer great value and excellent service. Thanks again,

-Rich Gulker
Gainesville, GA

Mallie Mae
"Mallie Mae is new to the world of BARF! She is a two-and-a half-year old, short coat chihuahua. More importantly, she's the love of my life. She was having pain in her tummy from time to time. Recently the pain became so severe she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of dehydration and severe bloating. A day of treatment with her regular vet and she was feeling much better. Then, to ensure the absolute best care for her well-being, we went to a holistic vet. I had no idea what the doctor would recommend. When she said "BARF" it was definitely a "beg your pardon" moment! She said BARF is the best vendor available with an extraordinary formula and carefully selected and monitored ingredients. (I'm fanatical about such things.) It wasn't a sales pitch, rather a recommendation that I requested after our detailed discussion about the benefits of a raw diet. Raw meat wasn't my idea of a good solution - I'm vegetarian (practically vegan). My desire is to do whatever is most beneficial for my little girl. Already, our mantra, like a BARF T-shirt says is: "Kibbles make me want to BARF." Mallie inhales the food and begs for more - though part of her wellness regimen involves losing a pound and a half! The customer service at Barf World has been proactive, professional and extremely attentive. They've far exceeded my expectations - which are mighty high, because after all this is about my baby girl!"

-Dawn Hibbard
Loma Linda, CA

"Lily is the white faced pitbull and Clay is the puppy. Lily is currently 3 1/2 years old and until the age of three she had major digestive issues. There was not one food on the market she could digest that didn’t give her a bout of pancreatitis. After many visits to the vet and large bills we did a test that showed her enzyme levels were low. My vet suggested one of the kibble diets and I said I wanted to do some research. Being a Dietitian I knew that low enzyme levels meant Lily couldn’t digest cooked food. I found the BARF Diet and 10 months later, I am happy to say, Lily is the healthiest she has ever been. My vet said she is the picture of a perfect dog. Solid muscle, no body fat. One month ago I decided to adopt Clay who, to my knowledge had no health issues. After signing all the adoption papers the Humane Society gave me a bag of kibble. I proudly told them “no thank you I will be feeding Clay a raw diet”. Clay is so happy at feeding time he sometimes falls down because he gets himself so excited to eat. Al (at BARF World) has been a life saver helping me figure out how much to feed both of them and adjusting my auto delivery order as needed. Thank you BARF World for producing a quality product that literally saved Lily’s life. I know she wouldn’t be alive today if she was still eating kibble."

-Leann Garstecki, RD CD
Milwaukee, WI

"Panda, my Great Dane, is now 13 years old. At 4 years of age, her vet thought she would die. None of the vet specialists, premium kibbles, vet provided diet plans, nor medicines helped to stop what resulted in five months of diarrhea and a 30 pound weight loss. The only meaningful information modern medicine provided was that her intestines were red and swollen.

With the help of a natural pet store I switched to the BARF Diet and began my journey to raw feeding. The diarrhea stopped immediately; yes, with the first feeding. I could tell from Panda’s stools that not all of the food was fully digested (understandable given the state of her intestines) but within a week Panda was digesting properly and gaining weight. What was thought to be a normally thin coat and sensitivity to touch for Panda, also improved.

No one was more surprised at her return to health than her vet who I returned to for vaccinations (delayed because of the health issues) and an annual check-up. Several years later when a new vet bought the clinic, Panda’s story was known to him before I arrived for her first annual physical. Panda is a true success story in our little corner of the world. She continues to thrive on the BARF Diet patties that I buy from BARF World. The quality, timely deliveries and helpful, friendly staff make the raw food feeding experience wonderful for me too."

-Wendy Luck
Acworth, GA

"About 4 ½ years ago, my Great Dane bitch, Cami, gave birth to a singleton puppy – his name was Sky. When he was around 6 to 8 months old, he became very picky about eating (at the time, I was feeding a dry food). Symptoms were inappetence, terrible gas, constantly drooling as if he was nauseous, and very loose stools. Inflammatory bowel disease was high on the list of suspects as was a food allergy. I took him to a specialist who suggested trying low ingredient dry foods first. He improved a little, but not enough.

I’d been reading a lot about feeding raw and had even tried to prepare it at home. Then I found the prepared BARF World product and began giving that to Sky. The best part is that Sky is now symptom free! No drooling, no gas, no diarrhea and he even eats like a pig!

After getting a new puppy, I decided that I’d like to get the entire gang back on kibble due to its convenience. I tried several grain free products for Sky and he had gas so bad he’d about explode the room! The very MINUTE I put him back on all raw, he was normal. Needless to say I’m a complete advocate of raw foods."

-Jill Swedlow
Yucaipa, CA

"Our dog Stella had inflammatory bowel disease and vomited a great frequency. Our vet put her on a regimen of daily steroids and antibiotics. She became overweight and lethargy, not at all her usual self. Three days after switching to a raw food diet, we were amazed at her increased energy levels. We also took her off her medications. On that third day, she jumped and swam in a lake with our other dogs, before she would sit on the grass with us and not swim. She subsequently stopped vomiting and lost the weight she had put on while she was on the medications. The raw diet made all of the difference for her!"

-Laura McCullough
Houston, TX

"Daisy Mae is a pure bred English Shorthair Pointer. In this puppy picture she is only 10 weeks old. Daisy Mae had chronic diarrhea after she ate anything! It was awful! I tried her on different vet recommended diets and with no luck at all. It was always the same result. She even got to the point where she didn’t want to eat because she felt sick all the time. Every time she ate, she was sick. I just knew I had to find a solution. I slowly weaned her on the BARF Diet. It took about a month. It also took about a month for the chronic diarrhea to subside. Now she loves meal time and she is a very healthy dog."

– Elise Barone-Corbeille,
Cummings, GA

"My Weimaraner, Kali(1.5 yrs), has been on the BARF diet since she was 5 months. When she was 4months we became worried because she pooped a lot and it did not smell well. She is a happy, healthy and well balanced dog because of the BARF Diet. Her coat is silky and soft, her teeth and gums look great, and her stool, yes her poop is wonderful too. Many people are surprised when we tell them about her food and some dog owners can't believe it. …that's what happens when we become brain washed by the pet food industry."

-Paula & Kali

"I have a 7 year old dog Maltese, Roxy, that recently had pancreatitis. She had been naughty and got into my bin and ate tissues, tampons and a sock. She either vomited or pooed the stuff out but after a while she started vomiting again everywhere. We took her to the vet, got a blood test and they said she had pancreatitis so she went on a drip for 48hrs. A few days later she started vomiting again. She went on an antibiotic and got an ultrasound. The vet told us she had had a ‘very bad’ case of pancreatitis and that Roxy would need to go on the drip again.

My mom and I set out to find out what else we could do to help Roxy. We knew that she could not eat any fats so we went to the pet shop and asked a lot of questions. It was there that a lady referred me to your BARF dog food. Roxy started eating small amounts of it three times a day. To our absolute delight she ate it and loved it and is now a lot better. She stopped vomiting and she has been eating BARF ever since. Thank you so much for this product because it helped Roxy get better and we are so grateful."

-Sarah Zawadzki

"Please find photos of my 15 year old female Yorkie, Sequim, my 8 year old male Yorkie, Bijou, and Bella Bella, my 2 ½ year old female Ragdoll cat. As you can see, they all are thriving on BARF. They had been picky eaters in the past but no longer. They especially like the rectangular chicken patties. Each animal gets ¼ patty twice a day. Obviously, I need a fourth animal! I do augment Bella Bella’s diet with ground raw turkey, chopped raw tilapia or ground raw lamb for the (25%) extra protein that a cat needs.

My Yorkies and Ragdoll have never had a health issue and play vigorously with one another. Thank you for your prompt, well- packed shipments. Even though I live in Austin, TX where it can be very hot in the summer the shipments still arrive frozen. Thank you for BARF."

- Judy LaPrade
Austin, TX

"Four years ago we decided to start eating organically, reading every label to make sure we were eating the right things and not all the junk. Of course this meant that we were also trying to feed our dog the right food. We had searched for a while before we found a food that we thought was good.

I was watching a program, Natural Companions, and they talked about BARF. I am so very glad that I found this. Now we have found a dog food I like giving to my dog. Our dog loves these patties. If he can hear me get them out of the refrigerator he comes on the run. He loves them so much he even licks the plate clean. Thank you for a great dog food."

- Dianna Elliott
Tribune, KS

"I arrived at feeding BARF as my precious Louis had colitis – nothing was curing it! We saw instant improvement after the first meal alone. 8 months later, he is now brimming with health, vitality and energy. Our other rescue dog was switched to a raw diet right away. When we got her she was incredibly sickly and the shelter wasn't expecting her to live. I credit raw feeding to saving her life.

Via a raw diet, I began to explore alternative veterinary care and have integrated that approach to the dog’s diets, health care, maintenance and even their training. After seeing their rapid rise to health, I began to incorporate holistic living and medical care into my own life, changed my diet with the help of an alternative nutritionist and I too am enjoying the benefits.

Our dogs enrich our lives in so many ways – not only do we owe them ideal nutrition, we owe ourselves to take a long hard look at our own diet and lifestyle and aspire to the best, most holistic path – together. After all, dog is man’s best friend for a reason. The more we stick together, the better off we are!"

- Hilary Rakover

"One change I noticed right away (when feeding the BARF Diet) was that my finicky eater, the skinny Irish Setter, began to be VERY interested in his food once again. He circles around the island while I’m preparing it and DIVES into his crate when I walk over there with the bowls of food. This is the same dog who used to go two or three meals in a row without touching his food.

Also, the waste has been significantly reduced in both dogs. The Irish has lost a little weight (I think it’s due to the backpack I put on him for walks, the obedience classes and the dog park outings). His coat is shiny, though. His eyes are bright, and he’s got plenty of energy."

- Lisa Woody

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