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Not only is our product great, but so is our service:

About AutoBarf:"It gives me peace of mind... one less think I have to remember." -Carol Zimmerman
Henderson, NV

About AutoBarf: "Always on time, we can count on the exact delivery date!"
-Bette Burrows
Sacramento, CA

About BARF World's Customer Service: "Your "customer service team" is superb!"
-Carol Zimmerman
Henderson, NV

About BARF World's Customer Service: "Wonderful to work with Evan & Christopher, they are so helpful."
-Bette Burrows
Sacramento, CA
"When I first saw Buddy, I knew he was the dog for me. My husband had persuaded me to adopt a third dog, and although I thought he was nuts, I finally succumbed after he kept leaving pictures of puppies (printed off next to my pillow. I narrowed the pictures down to one when I saw a face so pure and sweet and amuzzle that was upturned on the sides in a perpetual smile.
It was a few days before Christmas, three years ago, when we trekked off to the shelter to meet Buddy. He was only 3 months old and unbeknownst to anyone he was a lot weaker and sicker than he looked; the poor little guy had parvovirus brewing in him.
The night after we brought him home, he began having terrible diarrhea and vomiting. We rushed him to emergency, where they we not able to make a definitive diagnosis. They filled him with fluids and sent him home. He was better the next day, but soon turned again for the worst. We took him to our regular vet, who diagnosed him with the dreaded parvovirus and sent us to a specialist animal hospital, where he was put on intravenous fluids in the isolation ward.
We were beside ourselves with worry and grief cause even though he had been with us for only 3 days, we had already formed a strong bond.
We scrubbed ourentire home to prevent reinfection and on Christmas day, the vet called to say he was better and we could pick him up.
This was only the beginning of Buddy’s struggle to get healthy. About 2 weeks later, I found a big white wiggly thing in his poop, so back to the vet for tapeworm medication. Then while leaving him in daycare, he caught a strain of kennel cough that was not covered by his bordatella vaccine, so more trips to the vet and more medication. The trips to vet became a frequent thing because Buddy, we were to learn, was a bit immune compromised.
When we moved last year, we found a new vet - a seasoned second-generation vet - who believes in prevention through nutrition and strongly suggested we place Buddy on the BARF diet.
Buddy has now been on BARF for 10 months and has only been back to see his vet once (just for shots). People have commented on how handsome he has become, but his good looks are only a bonus to his becoming so much healthier!
Buddy had a really rough beginning, but his spirit and love remain undaunted. Seeing him run and play with his two “sisters” (who also enjoy their BARF diet), you’d never know he had all those problems. He loves his toys and has put a smile on many a face with his clownish antics. Buddy is truly my best friend and with the help of BARF and their supplements, I hope to keep his eyes sparkling and his tail wagging!"

-Frances Jones
Chicago, IL

"Within a week of Nikki 2's death, I "Googled" for chows with the hope of finding another Nikki. The next day I received an email from a dog pound in Ohio with an attachment that caught my attention. It showed a poor old chow (she was shaved like Nikki 2) resembling a secondhand lion. I never saw such a pathetic dog! Her head was bend down, mouth open as if to say, "I lost my family. Please help me!" I could not put this out of my mind.

The next day I phones my home in Indiana to the dog pound in Ohio. I was escorted to a room where I waited for my introduction to the little red chow – the secondhand lion.

The door opened and into the room limped "secondhand". She had a terrible limp but in spite of this, she walked straight to me and began to kiss my face. I melted into a pool of tears and embraced my new best friend, returning her kisses with my own. The little chow was dropped off (by her former owner or some samaritan) at the pound. We will never know where she came from…possibly an elder owner who could not afford to keep her and had no choice.

A 6 hour trip with Secondhand resting on the rear seat followed. The next day, I took Secondhand (now "Nikki 3") to the vet.

This all happened several month ago. Today Nikki 3 is recovering in my retirement home for old secondhand chows! In the course of Nikki's treatment, I learned of a product which, if used years ago, might have given Nikki a long lease on life. The discovery came too late for Nikki 2 but not too late for those who followed. THE DISCOVERY WAS BARF DOG FOOD.

-Fred Caspari
Michigan City, IN

"The photo(right) is of my cockalier (cocker spaniel-chavalier), Simon Rose. When he was rescued he had a bullet in his head. I assume it was from the puppy mill who surrendered him as he had cataracts in both eyes. Not sure how we survived being shot in the head but he is worth a million dollars to me. The photo(Left) is of Maximus. Yes, he is great! he and I think BARF should receive some of the thanks for helping Max heal his ulcerated eye. Max is blind with cataracts, has dry eye, and somehow, received and injury to his left cornea. It became inflamed and ulcerated. Thanks to surgery, medications, and a great diet, the eye healed in less than a week. Thank you for sharing your love of animals through a great product."

-Terri Bishop
Columbia, MO

"I had a most charming conversation with Chris, one of the phone reps for BARF World. While I was bending Chris’ ear about how much my dog adores your food, I thought I would just send in the best picture I have of mydog.Hisnameis“Grant”, his almost 11 months old. He is a living, breathing testimony to this wonderful food. Thanks very much and keep up the great work!!"

-Katie Smith,
Germantown, Maryland

"2 ½ years ago, Clancy, our beautiful Irish Setter, was 9½ years old. Iwas out of town when my husband called very concerned that Clancy would narot eat or drink. He had lost weight, was lethargic and could hardly get up. I suggested he add olive oil to his water. With that addition, he did start drinking a little bit of water but he still would not eat.

My husband subscribes to an Alternative Health Newsletter that had a brief article about the BARF Diet for aging dogs or for those who were in crisis. We immediately tried to order.

Within a week of starting Clancy on the diet, he was eating normally and within two weeks, he was acting as if he was about 3 years old! It was a miracle!

Clancy turned thirteen last April and is doing great! He still has some spine and hip problems, but his coat is beautiful and he is very happy! Thank you BARF! We recommend this diet to all of our friends with cherished pets!"

- Pam Talley
Norman, Oklahoma

"We have a 4 year old German Shepard and a 17 year old cock-a-poo and both of these healthy canines have either grown up on the BARF raw diet or spent much of their golden years benefiting from this excellent food. We chose BARF on the recommendation of a friend, but time and experience has proven that the advice was solid. They are healthy and happy in no small part due to the excellent nutrition they receive from this great food. We know how important a good diet is to the life and happiness of our animals and we give them the best we can to insure that they will be a part of our family a long time. They only other things we add are love, exercise and an excellent veterinary care when needed. Thank you BARF for providing excellent nutrition for Heidi and dawn."

-Norma Sweeny
Cleveland, Ohio

"I became aware of BARF through my brother, Pat McGovern, who is a distributor in Redwood City, CA. I began feeding it to my 11-year-old dog who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and degenerative heart disease. His prognosis was estimated at a few months or less. Now, a year and a half later, he is still alive and well to the amazement of his vets who refer to him as ‘the miracle dog.’ I believe BARF has been a major factor in his ability to overcome these diseases. His cataracts also significantly improved and his coat became thicker and glossier after I changed his diet to BARF. I’d like to be part of promoting and sharing this product that can make such an enormous difference in the quality and length of dogs’ lives."

-Beth McGovern
Sacramento, CA

"I am a big believer in sharing knowledge, especially knowledge that can potentially change lives.

Our Abbey, a Dalmatian, just turned 14 years old! But exactly a year ago we didn’t know if she would make it to her 13th birthday. She suddenly became very ill and we were told that her kidneys were failing. Our vet told us there wasn’t much that can be done when the kidneys are damaged and recommended several times to put her down. But my husband and I were not willing to let her go without a fight.

We began searching the internet for solutions and found several hopeful stories about the changes in failing pets when their diets were changed to raw. So we imme- diately changed Abbey’s diet. Her BUN and cretin levels began to improve almost immediately.

A year later, not only is she called the ‘miracle dog’ at my vet’s office, but she is happy, healthy and vibrant – more like a 5 year old than a 14 year old. An added bonus is that we were also able to take her off the monthly allergy shots that she had been on for more than half her life. Thank you BARF for making it so easy to give our beloved Abbey the diet she needs. Abbey thanks you too."

- Katrina Brummett
Carmel, IN

"Four years ago my beloved Border Collie ‘Sir Isaac’ started having epileptic seizures. For the first year or so the seizures were single events and relatively mild. However, during the second year Sir Isaac started to develop cluster seizers – multiple seizers at a time which can be life threatening. I took Sir Isaac to multiple veterinarians, including a neurologist, and the best we could do with drugs was to keep the time periods between seizers to every 28 days on average.

This 28 day average started to deteriorate during the second year and out of desperation I visited multiple web sites on canine epilepsy. A reoccurring theme in all of the websites was a reference to feeding epileptic dogs BARF; at the time, I did not have a clue what ‘BARF’ was. So after a Google search, I discovered BARF World and decided to try the product. Sir Isaac loves BARF and the period between seizers immediately increased from 28 to 51 days. Sir Isaac is now 8 ½ years old and still going strong. Thanks BARF World!"

- Ken Irwin
Dawsonville, GA

"I don’t have a before and after testimony for comparison to talk about health improvements I have seen in my dogs.

Why? Because I have always fed my dogs the BARF Diet. Many of my friends and family were in awe that I would put the time in to study the raw diet approach. Besides, ‘How could I possibly feed raw meat and especially bones to my dogs?’ ‘Wasn’t I afraid of bacteria’ and ‘A dog should NEVER eat BONES!’

Well, needless to say, I just loves those comments since it became grounds for a truly captive audience and an opportunity to educate and teach what I have learned by studying Dr. Billinghurst’s evolutionary diet and even a bigger opportunity to talk about kib- ble! I have since grown from a family of one Australian Labradoodle (Labrador/Poodle mix) puppy – who is 7 years old now – to a family of five Labradoodles. I am a breeder now and my dogs live with me as my beloved pets. All my dogs have been raised on BARF from the time they were puppies and my litters are raised on BARF. (My next litter will be 3rd generation BARF fed!)

As I mentioned when I first started to write, I didn’t need to see a vet for a sick visit, no fleas, no ear infections (and the Labradoodle can be notorious for ear infections due to floppy ears and narrow hairy ear canals), no skin conditions, no bad breath. Just beautiful healthy dogs with shiny coats and energy... not to mention, smaller poops with lower odor – a breeder’s dream come true! I can attest to the fact that BARF World products are truly how our dogs are designed to eat.

I am so happy when I hear a new puppy owner’s vet comment on how exceptionally healthy their pups look! And then there are those even luckier BARF fed puppies whose new owners continue to feed the BARF World Diet! BARF World, we love you and thank you!"

- Mary Burkovich
Uniontown, PA

Hello there. I've been using your product for some time and thought I'd share a success story. I've been feeding raw for almost 13yrs now and have seen amazing results.

My grandma passed away this year and I inherited her 10yr old 11.8lb, lame, deaf, balding poodle with cushings disease, "Fella". The first thing that I did was have a dental done on him (foreign concept to me as my dogs never need dentals), he lost 10 teeth. I switched him to the BARF diet around April, 2011.

Fast forward to now. This little dog's life is very different now. Chasing border collies is a daily event. He no longer limps or has a rancid odor to his mouth. I brought him along to the vet's office to check his weight. The first thing the Dr. said was "he has hair", she seemed surprised. I hadn't really noticed the gradual development of a full beautiful coat. Then the big shocker, he's down to 7.4lbs! Fella looks beautiful, feels good and plays like a puppy.

I also want to say thank you for your superb customer service. Every time I've ever called I have been waited on with respect, courtesy and promptness. Nice job!

Amy Gibel

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