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Our Pets Are Family Too

BARF World’s mission is to dramatically improve the health, longevity and quality of life of our pets by promoting evolutionary nutrition, natural pet products, and holistic health care solutions. Because our pets are family too!

What Is BARF

If you’re new to the concept of feeding your pets a raw food diet, you’ve no doubt got some questions on why this stuff works, how to get started and what to expect once you’ve made the switch. We get that!

Here you can find the answers you’re looking for as well as meet the fun, animal-loving humans who make BARF World such an amazing company to work with.


Still skeptical whether a raw food diet for is right for your pet? Here is some more information about the benefits of raw food and why so many pets have thrived on the BARF Diet.


New to raw? Do you have questions on how to make the switch to BARF? Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about making the switch to the BARF Diet.

Our Team

Come and meet the team at BARF World, find out how we got our start and discover what drives our team to get the word out about the amazing power of raw food for our pets.