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Is Your Pet’s Natural Built-In Defense System at Risk?

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By now you may be asking, “What are dogs allergic to?”

Food and environmental factors are the two most common causes of allergies in dogs today. The fact that allergens are aggravating your dog is a clear sign that your dog’s immune system is in great jeopardy. A dog with a healthy immune system won’t bat an eye at allergens…but a dog with a weakened or hypersensitive immune system is likely to have multiple allergy triggers and ongoing anguish from allergy conditions.

Whether it’s the food or the environment, there is a natural, LASTING solution to your dog’s chronic skin and coat problems and digestion issues.


If you’ve tried everything else and your dog is still struggling with aggravating allergy problems then you deserve to get the relief that many other pet owners used to stop their pet's allergies.

"Our Bernese Mountain dog absolutely loves the BARF patties!

Everyone has complimented Emmy about her beautiful healthy coat. Even at 6 years of age, she has more energy than dogs 1/3 her age and 1/10 her weight! The veterinarian said her hips are in excellent condition and her overall health markers excellent as well. We’re so happy with your product and especially your outstanding service.

- Dr. Ray Greenfield Delray Beach, FL