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How to Feed BARF® - Feed Your Pet Reading the Chart

Dinner Is Served!

Now that you are ready to start your pet on the BARF Diet®, you will need to determine how much to feed you pet as well as whether to adopt the fast or slow switch method. Just review the tips below and your pet’s transition to raw will be a breeze!

Feeding Chart

Use this feeding chart to help you determine how to feed your pet the healthiest, most nutritious dog food on the planet.

  • BARF Diet® Patties
  • BARF Diet® Nuggets
Required Number of Patties Per Day

Weight of dog


High Performance

Average Activity


12 lbs 1 1/2 1 1/2
25 lbs 3 2 1
50 lbs 6 4 2
75 lbs 9 6 3
100 lbs 12 8 4

Making the Switch to Better Nutrition

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered the best way to improve the health and well being of your pet. It’s important to follow the guidelines below to ensure a successful conversion to our raw diet.

We advocate a 6-day feeding schedule with the 7th day being a day of fasting. This gives your pet’s body a day to properly detoxify and eliminate the possible buildup of waste material.

Which To Choose: the Fast or Slow Switch Method

For most dogs, the fast switch method is best – it’s fast, easy and perfect for puppies and healthy, active dogs. If your dog is older, has a sensitive stomach or has a pre-existing health condition, then the slow switch method is best for you.

  • Rapid Switch
  • Slow Switch
Star Recommended Method

Rapid Switch: If your pet has a strong immune system and is generally quite healthy, an immediate conversion can be done. Fast your pet on the first day to allow the body to cleanse itself of toxins and to make your pet eager for their next days meal.

  • Be aware that the normal detoxification process may cause temporary symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea. * This may also be the result of eating too fast, gulping, or possible temperature variations.
*There is no need to be alarmed if these symptoms occur initially as your pet’s digestive system gets used to the change. We recommend the same supplemental treatment of the E-BARF® Plus and salmon oil as we do for the slow conversion because it is always best to strengthen the immune system to maximize the digestion process.

Safe handling procedures

To thaw, remove from bag, place in a container with a lid and defrost in the refrigerator. Do not re-freeze the BARF® patties and nuggets once they have been thawed. Food will spoil if left unrefrigerated for an extended period of time. Excess food should be refrigerated for the next feeding or discarded.

Want to give your dog an added boost? Here are two products that we recommend for first time BARFers® to get a head start on seeing some amazing changes in your pet. These two supplements are recommended to be used during the first 90 days of switching to BARF® and are also good for long-term use in pets with pre-existing health issues or for preventative maintenance.

Jump Start Bundle

This bundle features two of our best-selling pet supplements: E-BARF® Plus enzyme and probiotic powder and Wild Alaska Salmon omega oil - guaranteed to help minimize any digestive upset and boost your pet’s immune system.


Etta Says! Liver Sprinkles

Many dogs that have been on dry and canned food diets become used to the artificial flavors and fat sprays in commercial pet foods. Etta Says! Liver Sprinkles protein powder is your special weapon to overcome finicky taste buds.