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Some of you have asked me to share the name of my dog trainer and at first, I was a bit reluctant to do so. As with anything else that BARF World recommends, I had to make sure that this training program was truly effective and of the utmost quality before I dared recommend it to our BARF family.

Not All Dog Training Programs Are Created Equal!

In fact, before I started working with this particular dog trainer, I actually had another trainer in mind to help me get Chewy’s barking under control. This other trainer had some impressive credentials, and had even worked with a few well-known canine TV and film stars in the past. They even claimed to be a proponent of positive reinforcement, assuring me that they did not use harsh training methods in their program.

This was going to be the perfect program for my dog... or so I thought.

When I began to review their training course, I quickly realized that their idea of harsh training methods was quite different from mine. I simply didn’t feel comfortable using water or lemon juice to “correct” my dog when he barked... especially since Chewy already dislikes water as it is.

And even though I know of other pet parents that have successfully used static shock collars to train their dogs, I just couldn’t bring myself to put one on my little guy. (Admittedly, I am what you call a hormephobe – it means to be fearful of being shocked. I literally jump every time I come in contact with static electricity – it really drives me up the wall!)

I just knew there had to be a better way.

With a little encouragement and support from the BARF World family, I eventually found the right dog trainer for Chewy (and for me). His name is Doggy Dan and he really knows his stuff!

Doggy Dan’s training methods are truly cruelty-free (he’s all about positive reinforcement). In fact, his program is the ONLY one that’s endorsed by the SPCA!

And would you believe he’s from New Zealand? The same neck of the woods as our co-founder, Dr. Ian Billinghurst. (Looking back, it should have come as no surprise that the best dog trainer would come from this corner of the world... I mean, have you ever seen the way those NZ dogs will move a herd of sheep? It’s truly amazing how well-trained their dogs are!)

I can honestly say that I have seen my relationship with my dog improve so much over the last couple of weeks, and with the success that Chewy and I have had using this dog training program, I just knew that this was something that you would find valuable for your dog as well.

As I mentioned yesterday, I sent Doggy Dan an email to thank him for helping me with Chewy and told him all about our BARF community. Well, it just so happens that Doggy Dan is a huge fan of BARF (again, this comes as no surprise as Australasian people naturally seem to “get” raw feeding and the way it benefits all pets).

Since Doggy Dan is such a huge fan of raw, I went out on a limb and asked if there was a way that we could introduce his program to our BARF World family at an affordable price.

Well, he responded back with an incredibly generous offer that I’m sure you won’t be able to resist!

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to test-drive the Ultimate Online Dog Training Program for only $1.00!

Yup, you heard right - Doggy Dan has allowed us to offer you 100% FULL ACCESS to his entire dog training video library for 3 days, for only $1.00. That’s over 150 videos ranging a variety of topics:

• Barking
• Leash-pulling
• Jumping up
• Aggression
• Fearfulness
• Separation anxiety
• And more!

There’s even a set of videos for puppy training :)

All This For Only $1.00!!!

And after the 3-day trial is up, if you decide to continue on the program, you will be rebilled at the monthly membership rate of $37.00. Many of you might only need the program for about 3 months. Chewy and I went through the program in about two weeks, working on a few key training issues with great results and we plan to continue on the program for another month or so to see what else we can improve together.

Now Here Comes The “EXTRAS”!

Once you’re officially on the course, you’ll also receive the following four BONUS GIFTS:

“Understanding Your Dog - Part 1” audio lesson

An in-depth interview where Doggy Dan discusses many important issues (including aggression) that surround our beloved friend. A must for every dog owner! Turn your car into a Doggy Dan university on wheels or load them into your iPod for invaluable lessons on the go.
“7 Secrets To Puppy Training” video lesson

Give your puppy the best start by understanding what messages you are giving your dog and what they really mean. Put an end to all the shouting, stress and conflicting messages by using the “7 Secrets To Puppy Training”. If you feel like you are doing something wrong then you most probably are… put these essential concepts in place and then watch your puppy’s behavior turn around.
“9 Advanced Vocal Commands” video lesson

Take it to the next level with 9 advanced commands. Amaze everyone you know with absolute mastery over your dog. These words are used by Hollywood dog trainers to turn their dogs into star performers. Now you can learn to use them too in this bonus video series.
Access to the Members-only online forum

Here’s the one place to go for everything to do with dog and puppy training and behavioral issues. Ask any dog training questions and get answers – either from Doggy Dan personally or one of his handpicked team of Pack Leader experts. Or just socialize with other members and get to know other like-minded dog lovers from all over the world.

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to get your 3-day trial of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Program for only $1.00!

So what do you have to lose except all the frustration and embarrassment that comes with an improperly trained dog?

Click the link below to give Doggy Dan’s online video training program a try for only a buck. Trust me – you’ll learn a lot about your dog in a short amount of time and will finally be able to enjoy the happy, well-behaved dog you knew you pet was meant to be!


Amber Keiper

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for your 3-day trial of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Program for only a buck!

P.S. As with anything we recommend, your satisfaction is important to us. That’s why your purchase is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you decide that this program is not for you and your dog – either during your 3-day trial or afterwards, simply follow the instructions emailed to you when you sign up on how to cancel. It’s that simple!